Recent Work – Wedding Show Event Planner

How We Filmed It

The Wedding Collective is a wedding show business that brings together selected local Bedfordshire businesses to showcase there products and services to those wishing to get married. They approached us to create a video that they could use on there website and social media to promote a typical show for all those that would be interested in attending future events.

The Wedding Collective also required a creative motion graphics introduction to the video with its logo so as to really add that extra polish to their production.

It was decided to film their latest show live and feature as many local businesses as possible as well as show the venue itself. The Wedding Collective also puts on a fashion show at each of their events of the latest fashion trends for brides and grooms so capturing this was also essential. The soul singer at the event had a fantastic voice so it was decided to film and record her realtime and use that as the backing track to the video production. Like the logo, the Wedding Collective required any text overlays to look classy with an edge of glamour.

It was agreed to use some motion graphics alongside the text here as well and as a result each business got there name appearing next to their footage. A mixture of camera techniques were used to keep the viewer engaged, including slow pans and one of our favourite shots - the camera slider. The Wedding Collective were great to work for and all their suppliers were very helpful and courteous on the the day. A video we are very proud of and we also got to taste some great food!