Recent Work – Bedford StageCoach

Recent Work - Stage Coach Bedford

How We Filmed It

Stagecoach performing arts in Bedford commissioned ADC Films to create a promotional video that was to be filmed live at their end of term production at the Bedford University Theatre.

Ok, time for a slight modification on the terminology "live filming". Much of this video was created on the live event for family and parents. However, in order to get closer to the performers (using a camera gimble), it required us to be on stage with them. Obviously this a a no go on a live performance as it interrupts the view for the audience. However, we can get close on the rehearsals and if we keep the camera looking away from the audience it means that to the viewer on youtube or social media that they are non the wiser (well they were until now if they are reading this blog)!

In all seriousness, the fact that we could intercut the live performance with the rehearsal meant that the end video was far more engaging for the viewer. By getting the camera on stage created a feeling that anyone watching it was "in the action", hence adding to the overall production of the video.

This project was great fun to br apart of and congratulations to all the children on the day as they all were great to work with.