Recent Work – Sports Direct

How We Filmed It

Sports Direct approached us to create a video that would show the scale and productivity that their recently built sorting machine offers.

After a script meeting it was decided to start the video off outside to show the scale of the warehouse and then to gradually show the viewer the process of a package leaving the warehouse to it finally leaving on a lorry.

The opening scene was a drone video of the entire warehouse facility from 300 feet. This gives the viewer the best possible representation of the huge size of the Sports Direct warehouse. From that shot we then went straight to a forklift truck taking product off a high shelf in the warehouse. Next we showed product entering and being put onto the sorting machine. The technology of the sorter was also highlighted. Finally the product is shown leaving the sorter and being put onto a lorry for transport. The very last shot used a drone to track a lorry leaving the facility.

We used a camera stabiliser extensively for this video production. This enables us to move and react quickly whilst at the same time getting smooth footage.

We also used a Gopro on a timelapse to show the viewer the size of the sorter as well as to add a different perspective to the shots from the stabiliser camera.

Finally it was over to post production to add some facts using text overlays and to output the video in full 4K which enables the very best quality playback on large screens.

This video production was a real eye opener in terms of viewing the sheer scale of what sports direct do and there amazing efficiency. We look forward to working with their great team again soon!