Recent Work – SPL Powerlines

SPL Powerlines approached ADC Films to create a corporate video documenting the electrification of the railway line from Bedford to Corby.

The video was to be shot over several dates, incorporating both day and night shoots.

This production was possibly one of our most challenging video productions to date. To get camera equipment into remote places and then to capture the required content in tough conditions is never easy!

Thankfully all those on site were very accommodating to our film crew and we were therefore able to get all of the shots to show the amazing job SPL Powerlines does.

After filming "on site" we then moved to the talking heads at their head offices. All those that spoke were briefed before hand on the content that was required. Each speaker was fitted with a Lav Mic to ensure the best audio quality possible in their surroundings.

Post production was then to cut in relevant footage from the on site production days to the narrative of the talking heads. The final cut was a dynamic edit of what SPL Powerlines have achieved with their electrification of the railway.