Recent Work – Bromham Promotional Video For Parish Council

How We Filmed It

Bromham parish council commissioned us to create a video that would show the people of Bromham the features of this lovely village that is just 15 minuets from Milton Keynes.

The video was to be used on social media to promote the village as a whole due to the future developments that were being put forward.

There are many beautiful areas in Bromham and these have been extensively photographed/filmed on social media in the past. However there was nothing that had used a drone. We therefore discussed this with the council and designed a video that was to mostly show the village of Bromham from the air. We used our Phantom 4 Pro drone on multiple different days to ensure we got the best weather possible which means steady and clean footage.

The end goal was to show Bromham like it had never been seen before to the residents (and future ones). We therefore ensured we filed all the major land marks. For example the church, river, nature reserve, village hall, mill and Bromham park. Once filming had finished it was then time to edit all the footage into a seamless video for upload to Youtube. The royalty free music chosen was "Fly Away Home", which we all thought matched the footage very well! This was a very enjoyable project to work on and we certainly saw some lovely countryside and land marks in this pretty village.