What Is Corporate Video?

We are often asked “what is a corporate video and should we bother with one?”

In 2020 corporate video production is now used by every major company to support their message to customers and just as importantly potential customers across a diverse platform that covers all their areas of influence and interest.

It now is an undisputed fact that a well constructed and researched  corporate video can improve the standing and performance of any company irrespective of it’s size.

A corporate video’s first objective has to be to engage the target audience. This means it has to be relevant, interesting, accurate, and watchable for that audience.

The video can take many different forms dependant on the needs of the company commissioning it. Examples are, company profile, product launch, staff training, customer training, conferences, presentations that can be produced later as a webinar, so whatever the message that needs to go out a video will enhance and reinforce it in the recipients conscious  and indeed subconscious.

So for a video to be successful it not only has to engage the target audience it also has to stir them into action, reacting to the message the video is imparting to them.

The main message here is that corporate video production can benefit all sizes and types of businesses in all areas they operate in.

So how is a corporate video constructed?

The first part of designing and producing a corporate video is creating the script. It is what everything else flows from. A bad script means a bad video. Usually there is someone in a business who has a general idea of the narrative that is to be included in the video. The script stage is one area where the company and the video producer liaise closely to ensure such things as product and marketing information is accurate.

Script writing is very challenging, as it has to contain not just the narrative, but it also sets the tone, timing and direction of the video, so you have to get this first stage spot on, as this gives the director of the video the ideas for the visualisation of the storyline. The script is very closely related to the storyboard in a corporate video production. But what is a storyboard?

The storyboard is a list of pictures that visually show what each scene in a corporate video will resemble. What angle it will be viewed from, the position of the camera, and the perspective of the shot. The corresponding dialogue, text and titles would also be included for each shot. A sequence of shots would also be grouped together to construct a whole scene.

The storyboard would also show the edit needed to move from one scene to the next with a smooth transition. The storyboard is the tool that is the main planning document that brings the written word to life on video. From camera angles, lighting set ups, lens choices and even motion graphics. It all has to be planned at this stage of the creative process and takes a lot of time, before we can move onto the production itself.

Production usually means shooting the video on a set.This set could be in a purpose designed studio, with lighting, sound and camera equipment in-situ. Or on location either indoors or outside, and as can be imaged location shooting needs even more planning to control the environment as much as possible regarding the lighting and audio.

Production can also mean developing parts of the video within powerful computer software, this is were motion graphics are created to add that ‘magic dust’ to the project. Most great video production uses a mixture of all three. Time is money once the shoot starts, it means that the storyboard that the production follows has to be spot on from the start, otherwise so much time and money is wasted.

Once all the footage is shot, the process of assembling or editing the video starts. Like all good practice within ADCFilms the editor has been involved in the early processes of the project so knows not only what is the visualisation of the completed video, but also the message it needs to convey to it’s target market. The editor works with the script, storyboard, and shot footage and captured audio. The edit mixes all the different facets using powerful software to arrive at a finished product that has the right - timing, pace, visual appeal and audio clarity.

To arrive at the right ‘feel’ the skilled editor will also colour correct and colour grade the video, manipulate the sound, add stock footage to enhance the appeal and accuracy of the message. All this and little touches such as action cuts, transitions, and titles. When the video flows and no-one notices the edit, then the editors has achieved their goal. Once the completed video is in the computer it can then be rendered out in any format required to ensure maximum coverage. From a tiny file that can be emailed, a file to put on a website or YouTube, right up to a 4k 75” monitor for a trade show - all from the one master file. There is nowhere the video cannot reach or be seen.

At ADCFilms we are experts at all of the disciplines that make up the workflow to achieve a superior corporate video. We are so confident of our ability to help promote your company we will meet with you to discuss the opportunities that a video could achieve to further your corporate goals.

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