Upload Your Video To The Right Hosting Site

The big two websites where you can upload your video to are Youtube and Vimeo. Youtube is owned by google and it makes sense they would prefer you to load your video to them in order to get SEO brownie points. Vimeo is a great hosting site and has the slight edge on youtube in the quality you can upload at. However we have visually compared the same video on Vimeo and Youtube and can not see any visual difference. Maybe if we had stood two feet from a sixty inch TV we might of seen the very slight difference in quality that Vimeo can offer. However who really views business videos on that size screen anyway! The trade off with this “higher” quality is that the user can experience “buffering”. We have all been there while we have to wait for a web video to start playing again, very frustrating and often people click off, bad news for business videos.

However, youtube has a much bigger infrastructure and codes videos for the best possible user experience. This means far less occasions when your video will buffer for the user and therefore less click off rates. We highly recommend in the vast majority of cases to use Youtube as the website for where your video is to be hosted, purely because it will give a better user experience on the whole. Youtube also allows you to copy the embed code directly into your website and this means you won’t be using up any of your own website space when a user plays it.