The Embankment Bedford – Drone Photo

I had always wanted to take a photo of the embankment in Bedford, taking it from a safe location was always going to be a challenge. We managed to find a public footpath that kept us over 50 meters from any buildings, people and traffic. This means we only needed a nice bright sunny day with the sun lighting the river and in November this year we got just that!

I set the drone to take the photo in the wider 16:9 aspect ratio. This would give a wider shot with less sky and as I was more interested in the foreground (the river mainly), this was the perfect setting for the picture. Tilting the drone camera slightly down took out some of the sky and enabled there to be more river in the composition, perfect!

The bridge to the right is also a well known landmark in Bedford so keeping that in the frame was essential too.

The focus was then set to around 30 meters in front of where the drone was and at an f stop of 3.5. This meant that all the scene would be in focus. After we got the composition we had wanted we then took the photo, got the drone down safely and headed home.

There really was not much to do in the edit of this photo due to the sun lighting the river brilliantly on the day. All we had to do was pull down the highlights slightly to bring the sky out, add a bit of contrast and we were done!

It was lovely to see Bedford from a different angle, this like so many photos is now on our office wall in print as well as now on our website for all to enjoy!

At ADC Films we love making videos for our clients but like most videographers we can't resist great photography moments too. With the sun the way it was simply had to get our drone in the sky so we could share this view point of Bedford with as many people as possible.