Recent Work – Zero Carbon Futures

How We Filmed It

Zero Carbon Futures is an electric vehicle consultancy, delivering revolutionary projects which are helping towns, cities and countries to adapt to the introduction of low carbon vehicles.

We were commissioned to create a video that would be played on their stand at the Cenex-LCV, the UK’s premier low carbon vehicle event. The goal was to show Milton Keynes as an electric city with a range of initiatives making the city the best place for electric driving.

This was a complicated and challenging video as there were many locations and types of shot needed to get the objectives across. We decided to use the company colours of Zero Carbon Futures with text titles as the introduction to each scene. Each corresponding scene would then have a text effect that allowed the view to read the message and view the scene at the same time. Part of the brief was to attract attention to the stand so by using modern camera techniques, such as a slider, glidecam and even a drone.

Our aim was to not only get the messages across in the text overlays but also to create a video that was visually exciting. After 2 weeks of shooting the visuals it was then time for the edit and Zero Carbon Futures were excellent to work with due to their marketing knowledge and creative input on the visuals. This was a fun and exciting project to work on and we even got our first drive in an electric car. They really are the future!