Recent Work – W&H Peacock Auctioneers & Valuers

W&H Peacock Auctioneers & Valuers

This historic Bedford business approached us to create a promotional video that could be presented to both suppliers and the general public.
The video was to show all the different services they off as well as showcase their new venue.

How We Filmed It

This was a very big production. After script meetings, this video was to be comprised of 5 major areas that peacocks wanted to show the viewer. These were their pick up service, free valuations, specialist actions, regular auctions and the impressive new restaurant. They also wanted to show their location from the air, this meant using a drone. Thankfully we are fully qualified, insured and have permission to fly commercially from the Civil Aviation Authority.
This production used many creative techniques. From pulling focus on Jewellery, to using a slider for antique furniture and even wireless microphones to capture the auctioneers on auction days. This video production took in total 3 days to film and at the end of which created a video that is three and half minutes long.
This is obviously quiet a long video but that is fine for sending out to potential suppliers as this is a targeted market and typically people tend to watch videos for longer if they are specific to them. However, the general public on social media for example we know from research typically watch videos for no longer than 90 seconds.
This is why we also created a shorter cut for the client. This version we advised them to use more on social media as it would typically have a better watch rate than their longer one.
This was a great fun and challenging video production to work on. We will certainly be back to the auctions ourselves as you can indeed get great bargains and if nothing else they look like great fun too!