Recent Work – A Webinar For An Accountancy Firm

How We Filmed It

Accountants Macintyre Hudson commissioned us to film an event for there clients which entailed us filming a presentation from the Renewable Energy Association. This live business event filming is referred to as “Webinars” and are a great way to send those that attended and even those that were not able to attend, the main points from the presentation.

The project was for 2 versions. One the complete 45 minute presentation (for their records) and one much shorter version for their website, social media and email marketing.

Filming live events is always a challenge and preparation is always key and that is why we always do a site visit before the production day to check light and sound levels. This way we know exactly where to put the camera on the day as well as to calculate the best way to gather the audio. To keep viewer attention we did a two camera set up with different angles and also filmed in 4k resolution. By filming in 4K it means in post production we can crop in to the presenter without losing video quality, giving us even more angles to keep the viewer engaged.

As the presenter would be moving around, it was decided to use a lav mic (a mic that attaches to the presenter) and this wirelessly sends the audio to the camera. Lan miss are also great in big rooms as they produce less echo as they are very close to the presenter. After the production day we had a meeting with Macintyre Hudson, showing them the full 45 minute version and then went through and selected the main points from the presentation that they wanted in the shorter video for their marketing. A great project to work on as as always we enjoy involving our clients as much as they want too as this always gives them exactly what they want.