Recent Work – A Shower Tray Manufacturer

How We Filmed It

The Shower Tray Company approached us to create a video with one very specific goal in mind. This was to be played at an exhibition where a major potential supplier would be visiting (Screwfix). The video had to have a “corporate feel” and show the whole process of shower tray production from creating the moulds all the way to the trays making there way to a lorry for distribution.

The video was to show the comprehensive and professional production while explaining to the view what was going on and the benefits of buying Shower Trays from them.

After several script meetings we developed and agreed the storyboard and the pace for the video. We were to film (live) a complete production run and this meant getting the cameras in position at the right time with the right settings. We were then to edit this into a video of around 5-6 minutes for the stand exhibition. To keep viewer interest we used short text overlays on certain scenes to explain what was going on (as well as any relevant benefits) as well as different camera techniques to keep the viewer focused on the story.

We even put a go pro camera around the body of the spraying scene to get as close to the action as possible! The video ends with a time-lapse of the pallets of shower trays being forklifted onto a lorry for distribution. This was a very interesting industrial project to work on and certainly opened up our eyes to just how hard those in factories work. A great day.