Recent Work – A Promotional Video For A Holistic Beauty Salon

How We Filmed It

Just Bliss Holistics are based in Sandy, Bedfordshire. They approached us to create a promotional video that highlighted their two main treatments - massage and reflexology. The video was to be used on social media channels as well as their website to generate awareness after a company re-launch.

The main focus of the video was to have two clients talking about their experiences of the treatments and why they recommend Just Bliss Holisitcs.

We had a short window to film the two ladies giving testimonials as both had a combined window of 2 hours before they were on school pick up duty. This meaned there was little room for re-takes on the day. As we had previously visited the venue for a lighting check we knew exactly where we would place everyone and this meant more time to help the those that were talking to be calm and remember what they wanted to say!

To keep it as stress free for the ladies in the video we designed the video in such a way that they were only ever talking one sentence to camera and the other as voiceover while having a treatment. Voiceover is typically much easier than talking to camera as the "talent" can read what they want to say and most people can remember one sentence when needs be to talk to camera.

By cutting into the actual treatments also gives the viewer an insight into exactly what the experience is like at Just Bliss Holistics. The two ladies that talked on the day did a fantastic job and we were glad to of helped such a great local business with there re-launch.