Recent Work – A Promotional Video For A Restaurant In Bedford

How We Filmed It

The Pavilion Cafe at Bedford Park asked us to film a promotional video to help raise awareness for there new business. They wanted as much impact as possible so it was agreed to have the owner talk to camera as well as footage of the chef making a typical dish and inputting footage of the venue itself.

The video was to be used on their website and social media so could not be too long and have fast scenes to keep viewer engagement.

At a script meeting, the owner decided on what she wanted to say and we walked through what the chef was going to cook, we planned on where the cameras were going to be for each part of the preparation process and agreed on what angles to film the venue from. Once the script was signed off it was time for the production day and as we only had one chance to film the dish being prepared we had to make sure our cameras were in exactly the right positions for each part of the dish being made.

The owner was recorded using a direction mic that would predominantly record her but also let some ambient sound in for atmosphere. It was decided to mix motion graphics with the footage to add that extra bit of polish and that only helps viewer engagement. We had a lot of fun filming this video for the cafe and the dish tasted great too!