Recent Work – Private Client Real Estate Tingrith

How We Filmed It

A Private client wished to take some drone footage of their large property in Bedfordshire. The brief was to capture the house up close from the outside as well as the scale of the grounds.

The best way to film this project was to use our drone at different heights and distances from the house. The day itself was overcast which although you can't capture nice blue skies, it means all the property is evenly lit as the clouds act as a giant defuser. For a videographer this is great news!

There was a significant amount of different scenes to capture for this real estate project with our drone. We had to cover the drive way build up to the house, the house up close front and back, up high front and back as well as the surrounding land and the log cabin at the back of the woods.

On some occasions we were flying the drone without the obstacle sensors turned on. This was because we had to fly the drone, at times, near trees and with those sensors turned on the drone would of simply stopped and hovered. We therefore had to be very accurate with our flying not to hit any trees!

It was worth it in the end as the client was very happy with the video and how we managed to show them their home from a different angle that no ground camera can achieve. A great day at a lovely property in south Bedfordshire.