Recent Work – Private Client Real Estate Bromham

How We Filmed It

The client had actually already sold the house that we were employed to video with our drone. However they wished to have a video created, showing the outside of the property and it's surrounding countryside.

The day itself was a clear sunny day and the property was being lit beautifully from the back, as well as the surrounding countryside. With no chance of rain, it was the perfect day for a drone real estate video project.

The challenge of this project was actually going to be the front of the property as it is typically in shade, regardless the time of day. However, using colour correction techniques in post production would be the smart move to brighten up the front of the house so we knew before hand this is exactly how we were going to deal with this issue.

The back of the house was lit extremely well by the low in the sky sun and meant that the ground, house and sky worked together well in all the shots. After filming at various angles, to show the scope of the garden, we pulled back and filmed from a public footpath to show the property in the lovely countryside of Bromham. The owner often took walks around the church and paths so we thought it ideal to finish with that as our last shot.

The edit, as mentioned above, took sometime to get the right balance of shadows and highlights for the front of the house scene at the start. Then once we had finished with the opening scene we colour balanced the remaining shots and rendered out the video as 4K for the client. This property was stunning and we hope this video will always provide the previous owner with something to look back on.