Recent Work – New Arrivals At Safari Park

How We Filmed It

Woburn Safari Park commissioned us to produce a video that was to promote their “New Arrivals”. This video was to be shot out the back and side of a jeep so as we could get as close (but safe) to the animals as possible.

There were 5 different newborns to film (alongside their parents) and this was to be edited into a short promotional video to be used over social media to engage new and past visitors to the park.

This type of “Run & Gun” shooting takes experience and speed of thought to get good footage. We decided to film in 4k resolution which would give us the most flexibility in post production to crop into the animals for even more close up footage if needed (and not lose quality). By fixing the camera to the jeep floor with strong tripods meant we could concentrate on framing the animals in camera and not worry about shake footage.

Having the guide drive the jeep was great as they could position us exactly where we needed to be for the best light on the new arrivals and their parents. We even got within 3 meters of a fully grown male lion which although was heart racing was a great position to get some amazing footage! This was not only a fun day but a very educational production one too. We learned so much about the animals and all at Woburn Safari Park could not of been more helpful.