Recent Work – Why Milton Keynes Development & Investment

How We Filmed It

Milton Keynes council approached us to produce a video that would attract investors to the city. The video was to be played at a large exhibition in London and then also be used over various social media channels and Youtube.

The video was to present Milton Keynes as a growing and forward thinking city, a place that had opportunities for both large and small investors.

After script meetings it was all agreed that the best way forward was to show, to potential investors, that Milton Keynes had plenty of sites for development as well as being a vibrant and exciting city to live in that is always looking to the future. The use of a drone in the video was therefore decided to be a great way to show just how Milton Keynes is expanding into one of the fastest growing areas in the UK. We also used other camera techniques such as a slider, glidecam and time-lapse to add the final polish to non drone scenes.

The edit was to include significant text overlays as there was a large amount of information and statistics to present to the viewer. To keep the pace of the video we also used wipe transitions in certain scenes to add visual interest for the viewer (for example in the train scene).

This was a great project to work on and we even managed to get pitch side at MK Dons and that was a great experience! It seems now is a great time to invest in Milton Keynes.