Recent Work – Milton Keynes Council Electric Car Initiative

How We Filmed It

The council  wanted appeal to as many people as possible in order to promote to the public that electric cars are becoming increasing popular and that Milton Keynes is at the forefront of UK electric car initiatives.

Fast paced videos are all in the script as this keeps view attention and ideally therefore watching the video to the end and maybe even making a positive comment on social media! This video was carefully scripted so each scene flowed effortlessly.

Two of our favourite scenes were the car scene at MK Bowl and also the Hollywood bowl ten pin bowling scene. These scenes were all shot with multiple camera angles (to maximise view engagement) and we also even used our drone for the shots from the air. Some of the text effects took a long time to edit into the footage (particularly the car scene at MK Bowl), but we feel it was well worth it as it gives that scene a "Top Gear" look. What a fun project to work on we at ADC Films are certainly convinced these great cars are the future!