Recent Work – Shendish Manor Hotel & Golf Course

How We Filmed It

Shendish Manor Hotel & Golf Course approached us to create a promotional video that they could use on their website, social media and send to any potential customers via email. The hotel offers several different main services so the key was to get this all across in under 3 minutes.

It was agreed the best way forward was to show the viewer, in the first 20 seconds, a short clip of all of what the hotel does. By doing this you reduce the risk of viewers with different needs dropping off the video. The video then goes onto explain each service in more detail.

The video took 2 days to film as there was a lot to capture. It was decided to do a sweeping shot up to the hotel to start as the venue is set in stunning grounds. Many different camera techniques were used of the video, from glide cams to sliders and panning shots and even a go pro placed in a golf hole! This was all to keep the viewer engaged as much as possible.

Text overlays were used to describe certain scenes and colour correction software was used to bring out as much sky and colours as possible in the outdoor shots. This was a fun project to work on and even better as ADC Films was able to video the chef live, producing some stunning food and as ever we got to sample it! Another great time filming a great business.