Recent Work – Everlast Gyms

How We Filmed It

Everlast Fitness clubs approached us to create a video that they could use to potential investors as well as the general public. It was decided to use a camera on a stabiliser as many of the shots were to be very dynamic in nature. A drone was also utilised to show the slick branding from the outside as well as the view.

After script meetings it was decided to film the main gym and three main classes. Also key was to get across the friendly nature of the club and that is why a gym member is shown walking in to start a workout and also out at the end with audio from staff.

We were given 15 members of the Everlast company to use as "members" on the video shoot day (we had 4 hours to complete all the filming). For several weeks before notices were put up by the gym that filming will be taking place on a specific date. The few members that were in the facility on the day were also asked permission to be filmed.

The toughest part of this video production was to get all the planned footage in the available time. This is where pre-planning is essential as we had a specific shot list for every single scene. This meant that there was no wasted time discussing shots on the day as everything had been planned in uttermost detail in script meetings before hand.

All went smooth on the day and we also worked up a sweat running around with our cameras on stabilisers!

The edit consisted of mixing full screen clips with clean multi screen ones to get as much visually across as possible. Quick cutting was used to keep a fast tempo with the very last scene finishing on the member leaving the gym and camera pausing on the "Join Now" on the wall, that all important all to action!

This video was great fun to produce and at only £5 per month (yes thats right just £5) we can only see success for this new chain of fitness clubs.