Recent Work – Campaign For Loneliness

Recent Work - Campaign For Loneliness Conference

How We Filmed It

Hertfordshire County Council approached us to film their yearly social care conference and the 2018 topic was "The Campaign To End Loneliness".

They also wanted to feature the providers on the day (stands outside the main conference room), clips from seminars and also some "Vox pops" from key members.

Live filming is always a challenge to any videographer. There are no second takes and that is why it is always important to have a backup with video and also sound. This is why we always film with at least 3 cameras from different positions. We also take a direct feed of the audio out from the venues mixing desk and as a backup place our own mics and recorder with each speaker just in case we need it.

This video was to be used to promote the event for the following year both internally and to the public so it was decided pre event to cut in only the vital points from each speaker, so as not to take the video too long.

The seminars were kept short as there were several to portray in the video. The main takeaway for the viewer in this section was to show the diversity of topics that occur every year.

The Vox pops at the end of the video were kept to just a few sentences each, again to ensure the video didn't run too long. These were filmed in the area where the suppliers where so as to give depth and edge to the production.

We even managed to capture the live band. Using our own studio mics placed on each speaker ensured that we recorded great sound and wow those ladies could sing!

This was a enlightening production to be involved with and like all conferences we film we certainly learned a lot from this serious topic.