Recent Work – Brooklands Milton Keynes

Recent Work – My Purchasing Partner

Brooklands in Milton Keynes commissioned ADC Films to create a promotional video to capture all the benefits of living in the area.
The video was to be used to promote Brooklands on their social media, website and Youtube.

How We Filmed It

The goal of the video was to make more people aware of the area of Brooklands in Milton Keynes as a great place to live and also to show the range of amenities as well as green space surrounding the immediate area.
This video production had it all. Filming for property videos always requires using different creative shooting techniques in order to hold the viewers attention. For this production we used a drone, camera gimbal, slider, gib and not forgetting wireless audio for the presenter!
We had a great time filming this video for the client (Places For People) and look forward to working with them again in the future.