Recent Work – A Promotional Video For A Procurement Business

How We Filmed It

My Purchasing Parter are procurement specialists who operate predominantly in the catering industry. They approached us to create a promotional video that was to use some of their customers giving the benefits of using there services.

After a script meeting it was decided the best way forward was to use 3 different "types" of client that the business serves and to film them at their retrospective locations.

One of the great ways to keep a views attention when watching a promotional video is to "hit them hard" in the first 20 seconds as this is when many people click off. Therefore by giving the viewer 3 major benefits in the first 20 seconds is a great way to keep attention and that all important call to action. We decided on this video to have each of the 3 testimonials to say one sentence to camera (which were three different benefits of using the services of My Purchasing Partner.

The video then goes into more detail from each testimonial, inter cutting with text and footage from their different locations. The video even ends with a call to action from one of the testimonials and alongside the quick cutting hopefully maintains the viewers attention through the video.

My purchasing Partner now feature the video on their website as well as sending it out directly to prospective clients on emails and even social media. This was a great fun project to work on and we even got to taste some great food!