How We Write Your Script


It might seem obvious, but generating a script that reflects exactly what you want in your video is crucial for it to be a success. Thankfully, we really enjoy and relish the challenge that script writing brings and this means your video will always contain everything you want to get across to your target audience. So how do we go about writing your script and making it hassle free for you?

We Research

By understanding your industry and your competition it means that when we chat to you about any ideas you have for the script, that we understand more where you are coming from. From the initial first phone call with you we will research what you do and your competition so when we meet for the no-obligation first meeting, we have a good idea of your product or service. This means we can understand exactly what you are after from day one and this saves you time and effort going forward. We want to make the whole video production for you as hassle free as possible and by us understanding your industry it makes this much easier for you, the client.

We work to

Your business is unique and we want to understand it. By getting a strong understanding what makes you unique from your competition will enable us to create a video that emphasis all your qualities. From the the product or service you provide to the culture of your business, we can purvey anything on camera to show off your business. We aim to understand your business as much as you do by the time we write your script.

Our Script Writing

Some of our clients actually appear in their videos either alone or with some of their staff too. However should you need professional presenters or voiceover artists, then we will provide this as part of our complete video production service. One of the most important aspects of finalising your script is that you are comfortable with it. This is why we are flexible in our script writing approach as it makes for a much better final video production.

You sign off the script

We have regular contact with you throughout the script writing process and only when you are 100% happy do we all sign off the script. This might take several contacts with you but nothing is too much trouble at ADC films as we see this as such a vital component of the production process.