Recent Work – Everlast Fitness Let Their Members Do The Talking

Recent Work – Everlast Fitness Club

Everlast approached us again to create another PR video for their fitness clubs. This time however they were to take a different approach.
Everlast wanted to show the public that they are a gym that cares about their members and that their gyms are a great environment to exercise in whatever your age or size.

How We Filmed It

Everlast provided us with four individuals and one couple who were current members and willing to talk to camera. It was our job help all those talking to camera to relax and feel like they got across exactly what they wanted to say. We also were to cut in some footage of each person exercising in the gym and end the video with the gym manager with a call to action.
We actually filmed over 45 minutes of the members talking to camera as well as their exercising part, clearly too long for a PR video! Everlast wanted the master edit to be under 3 minuets as well as to create a shorter 1 minute version for social media (as people generally have a shorter attention on social media). Everlast Fitness is owned by Sports Direct and they want to encourage all their staff to be healthy, therefore the longer video was to be played directly to them.
The final edit skips between the different people and the aim was to show to the viewer that the Everlast Fitness Club is a place for everybody and help is always at hand. With over 60% of the UK as over weight or obese then we think at ADC Films that Everlast have been very clever in their approach to appealing to this ever growing market. A great gym.
Here is the 1 minute version that we created from the master longer version above. When editing for social media only the most vital footage needs to be included as the viewer will quickly switch off if they are not engaged.
With the 1 minute version the goal was to have a short clip of each of the members saying something different about Everlast Fitness as to finally end on the manager with his call to action.